I love crepes!  I like how they make me feel french-ish when I make them.  Not to mention, they are really delicious with fresh fruit and syrup.  Here is the downside..they require a batter that sits overnight in the refrigerator.  Since I almost never decide that I want them until the morning time…I almost never make them.  However, I have been on this Flour Cookbook kick and really wanted to try her recipe for them.  After eating these, Glenn & I both agreed that there is no need to try other recipes.  These are pretty much perfection.  If you can remember to prepare this the night before, or maybe even during the day…they will last for a few days in the fridge.  And…they are very much worth it!

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Blueberry Scones


  My Dad passed away almost 3 weeks ago.  I probably could just leave it at that.  There really are not words that can explain the hole I feel in my life right now...not to mention the many fears and worries that this has brought forward.  I feel a bit dark and gloomy, detached and sad.  Baking usually cheers me up...but that isn't even … a bit more

Olive Oil Pizza Dough


As a carb has always been a favorite!  When I was little, I remember my Mom making homemade pizza occasionally on a Friday night during lent and always thought it was fun.  As 1 of 8 children, the opportunity to help prep in the kitchen was often more of a hassle for my Mom.  Multiple children in the kitchen stresses me out just … a bit more

Comfort Rolls


If I was told that I could only eat 1 thing for the rest of my life...I would probably pick bread.  It is my favorite food and I love it to the moon and back!!  I love it with honey, fresh fruit preserves...and now that I think about it, not so fresh fruit preserves.  I love it with warm butter and cinnamon sugar, cranberry sauce, herb butter, … a bit more

Chunky Lola Cookies


One of my favorite baking cookbooks is Flour by Joanna Chang.  She has a bakery and cafe in Boston that I have never been to, but would be super excited to go to someday.  I found her cookbook by fluke one day when I was searching Amazon for popular baking cookbooks.  I liked the fact that she had a well known bakery and the cookbook was a … a bit more

Vegan Lemon Vanilla Cupcakes


I can already hear you Dad....."VEGAN??"  Please, let me explain...... This weekend we celebrated one of my step-daughters birthdays.  I always get excited for these kinds of things because the kids really like when I bake for them, and that makes me happy.  I typically get the request for my coconut cupcakes and just as I thought...that is what … a bit more

Banana Bread


There are some recipes that you search and search for.  Recipes that you experiment over and over again.  And sadly...there are a couple that I am still on the quest for.  That "perfect" recipe that will always be my "go-to" when I need to make that particular dish.  I remember last summer I must have made 8-10 different peach cobblers in the hunt … a bit more

Stuffed Apple Cupcakes with a Maple Cream Cheese Frosting


WOW!  These cupcakes are VERY tasty!  I am eating one right now with a sweet glass of wine in honor of today, Mothers Day!  Mothers Day weekend is by far my favorite weekend of the year!  To me, it tops Christmas (which anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Christmas) and my birthday.  A lot of it has to do with things happening around me. … a bit more